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PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:21 pm 
Hi to everyone,
I have the following configuration with GNS3:
CLOUD connected with ROUTER 1 (r1) connected by
a fastethernet cable with loopback interface of the cloud and fast ethernet interface
of che R1.
so it works very well ping each other go to internet from the router but i have added
another router (r2) with another FAST ETHERNET INTERFACE and my problem is that i can ping the router one R1 i can add route and etc but i can't ping the cloud.
Is there any possibility to configure to ping the cloud and in other words the Internet network from R2?

the link are the following:
F0/0 of the router 1 in the loopback of the cloud
F0/1 of the router 2 in the F0/0 of the R2

the cloud ip is (LOOPBACK)
F0/0 of R1 ip is
F0/1 of R1 ip is

F0/0 of r2 ip is

ip route on R2 is

Plz help me.


 Post subject: Re: ROUTERS TO INTERNET
PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 9:30 am 

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Your PC loopback adapter doesn't know how to reach your R2 and the network The Best solution is NAT.
on R1 you must implement NAT, therefore all IP addresses will be translated as And the Internet will work too.
dont forget to bridge togeather your physical NIC with particular loopback adapter. Bridge adapter will be in ( in your case)
No needs to add seprate IP address on loopback, bridge adapter will not allow to do that.

NAT config for R1 is:

ip access-list extended LAN
permit ip any

ip nat inside source list LAN interface F0/0 overload
ip route (this shoud be your Bridge or real router address)

Int F0/0
ip nat outside

int F0/1
ip nat inside

on R2

ip route

no ip route on R2 is

Other configs remain the same.

Thats it.

 Post subject: Re: ROUTERS TO INTERNET
PostPosted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:43 pm 

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Thank you so much....

You have solved a mystery for my question on topic4661.html

I thank you a million times and please keep on helping people. People like me who are not that smart needs guidance and help.


 Post subject: Re: ROUTERS TO INTERNET
PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2012 7:45 pm 

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I would like to ask a complementary question; Let me first expose:

With QemuHost ----------- routerR1(c3725)----------clouds_nio_tap0

and following your guide,I can ping from both qemuHost/routerR1

But I wish to avoid intermediary router ,and try this

I cannot find any means to get net connection thru myHostPC

My qemuHost is standard_openwrt-x86.img ; with casual net option (-net nic -net tap) qemu
shotup tap connection correctly allowing networking thru hostpc.

But thru gns3_qemuwrapper I don't have this tap triggered up anymore !

Could you give some hints how to solve that

Thank you in advance

ps:I just found out today (13apr2012)
In qemuGuest_qemuOption (the image we use for emulation)in the
-L /opt/somepath/pc-bios -net tap,vlan=0 will do the job !

 Post subject: Re: ROUTERS TO INTERNET
PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:49 am 

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Over the net a independent network group serves as a computer network which uses independent Ip area. These are normally designed for house, workplace, and company LANs, in the event that internationally routable ips don't seem to be compulsory, or aren't accessible for the meant computer network products. Independent Ip locations have been initially determined so as to hold off IPv4 ip address exhaustion, but are an additional element of the future technology IPs, IPv6.

Such ip addresses are classified as personal since they are not internationally assigned, meaning that they may not be allotted to any sort of corporation, and Internet protocol packages addressed by these are not to be shifted on the general public Web. Everybody might use all of these ips with out consent coming from a national Internet registry. In the event that this kind of independent network system would need to get connected to the on-line world, it should employ a NA Translator terminal, or maybe a proxies system.

Am I Able To Reset my Wireless router Default Username and password?

Firstly, you can think about applying various mixtures of login details widely available online. Frequently it's adequate to figure out who's the producer, and additionally we could try to look for default account specifics for a distinct modem model.

The final choice for you, regardless of anything else actually works serves as a equipment reset. Just about every modem incorporates a computer hardware reset control button. Only touch that switch and keep it for about 30 seconds and in a few minutes the wireless router will get back on its manufacturing configurations. Once you have finished this try out the default passwords we've stated previously.

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