How to run PEMU on other's mahcine
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Author:  yb3810hq [ Sun Aug 23, 2009 1:13 pm ]
Post subject:  How to run PEMU on other's mahcine

Let me share my tip how to run PEMU on other's mahcine since I couldn't find any good information about this.

Before you do it, you must distribute multiple hipervisors first, if you want to use routers.
(I guess pemuwrapper also should be seperated by ip addresses, so you should consist of multiple hipervisors first)
There is a good tutorial for this here. (or GNS3 Documenation link) ... s-in-gns3/

A machine ( -> Master machine (I will draw diagram at here)
B machine ( -> pemuwrapper is running machine (This will have pemu.exe start)

Step 1 - run pemuwrapper on B machine.
(FYI, I installed GNS3 on both machines.)
You can run permuwrapper "C:\Program Files\GNS3\pemuwrapper.exe" by double click or your own script
You don't need to run GSN3. Just you need to run permuwrapper. (there are many pemuwrapper app)

Step 2 - Set up PEMU preferences on A machine.
I attached my snapshot for this.
Goto GNS3 > Edit > Preferences > PEMU
1. B machine's pemuwrapper.exe location (usually GNS3 installed location)
Important : path is a remote machine's local path. not UNC path
example on Windows
\\\D$\DATA_D\GNS3\IOS\xxx (wrong path)
D:\DATA_D\GSN3\IOS\xxx (right path)
-> B machine's local path
2. B machine's working directory
3. A machine's ip address (you can't use localhost) -> multiple hipervisor should be enabled.
4. Enable Pemu Manager -> Uncheck
Use Pemu Manager when importing -> Check
5. B machine's ip address
6. B machine's local path. (not UNC path)

(If you enabled PIX adapter for the first time, it may require restart in order to ping.)

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