Script for Automatic VyOS Deploment
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Author:  brezular [ Thu Oct 09, 2014 6:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Script for Automatic VyOS Deploment


I created a Bash script deploy_vyos for automatic deployment of VyOS to Qemu image. The script downloads stable VyOS ISO image from the Internet, creates Qemu disk and starts Qemu virtual machine with attached ISO image. Then is starts Expect script install_vyos that automatically configure all required configuration options without user intervention.

Just copy both scripts to the same directory, assign run privileges to both scripts with the command below and run the deploy_vyos script.

$ chmod +x deploy_vyos
$ chmod +x install_vyos

install_vyos.txt [1.2 KiB]
Downloaded 1388 times
deploy_vyos.txt [1.46 KiB]
Downloaded 1335 times

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