Connect Microsoft VirtualPC & GNS3
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Author:  3rett [ Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:24 am ]
Post subject:  Connect Microsoft VirtualPC & GNS3

Hello all,

I've already got a CCNA and am studying for an MCITP (server2008). I decided I need to be able to network a few virtual machines including one with server 2008 for some hands on experience. As an added benifit, networking through GNS3 will help keep me on my CCNA toes. Anyway I spent a few hours trying to network my physical PC (win7) to 2 virtual PC's, one server 2008, and the other XP pro, through GNS3. Of course the M$ help file for Virtual PC doesn't tell you how to do this so I put together a step by step PDF to help me remember. Finally while I was studying for the CCNA I used GNS3 big time and this forum so I figured I'd give a little back and thanks to all who contribute, so...........

This HOWTO assumes you go to Microsoft and download and install Virtual PC (FREE) then install a guest OS inside of it. It also assumes very basic knowledge of GNS3, the Cisco IOS CLI, how to install legacy loop back adapters, and that you own a Cisco router IOS and a M$ OS ISO as well.

Well there's really not much to it but I couldn't find anything on the net on how to do it. With this HOWTO you should have it going pretty quickly. Keep in mind though that this is the most basic setup to only demonstrate how to force physical and virtual PC's to communicate with each other through GNS3. Once you know how to do this the possibilities are endless. So far I have setup open VPN (my favorite!) both routed and bridged, an FTP server, remote desktop, and WINS through open VPN across different subnets!!!!! Now it's time for Active Directory and GPO's :) can't wait...........


OK so the forum won't let me upload a pdf??? Follow this link......

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