Is the 3745 config save bug fixed yet?
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Author:  tasdevil [ Fri Oct 17, 2014 7:48 am ]
Post subject:  Is the 3745 config save bug fixed yet?

My project which utilises 3745 etherswitch is not saving its configs. I know this used to be a known bug, but this post indicates it was fixed (

What is interesting though, is if I change the config, issue wri, save the project and stop the router, then start the router again, it sometimes (but not always??) retains the settings. Also if I stop the router and use the new export configs option, the changes are there in the config file.
The settings are only being lost if I quit GNS or reload the project.

GNS3 v1.3 beta, 1.4 beta
dynamips 0.2.15-dev-amd64/Linux stable
fedora linux 20.

Also, nothing to do with the above, but in the new GNS 1.4 (or ER1 dev 1), I can't figure out how to associate an image with the etherswitch. It just keeps saying no 3745 platform ios found even though there is one defined in preferences. No biggie, i can just drag it from the router list.

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