Why it is better to ask a New question rather than "Reply"
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Author:  rednectar [ Thu May 01, 2014 11:26 am ]
Post subject:  Why it is better to ask a New question rather than "Reply"

When you first start looking for help on a forum you are often faced with the dilemma: You've found a thread that is SIMILAR to your problem, but not the same.

Do I click "Reply" on this thread, or start a new one?

Here is why you should start a new thread - UNLESS you are contributing some NEW information to the old thread - ie NOT asking a question. But you SHOULD refer to the post that led you to this point to show that you HAVE tried - people like to see that!

The advantage of asking a new question is that it will trigger an email to anyone who follows that page, as well as turn up in the list of active topics AND in the list of unanswered posts.

If you simply ask the question on an existing thread, then:
  • only me and anyone else who has contributed to the thread will get an email,
  • it will NOT show in the list of unanswered posts; and
  • anyone looking at the list of active topics will not have a clue from the title of the topic what your problem is about, and since it already has a bunch of replies they are not going to look for it.

AND it is good etiquette to keep discussions to the topic that they are posted under - ie don't "hijack" the thread!

Finally, if you are a little unsure, read the Asking for Help - Step by Step Guide

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