Problem bridging the cloud
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Author:  tomgilmore [ Fri Aug 15, 2014 10:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Problem bridging the cloud

I am fairly new to GNS3,, although I have been working with it for months.

I want to bridge from my Windows PC thru a GNS-"cloud" device
I have followed the instructions for bridging an adapter in GNS-3. The bridged network connection is set to gain an IP Address using DHCP. I have DCHPD setup on my router. The cloud device is receiving an IP Address of

From a command prompt on my PC, I can ping
On my design I have a router, ethernet switch & ASA firewall all attached to the broadcast domain of

From the router interface, I can ping the firewall (and vice versa)
From my command prompt I can ping the router & the firewall & the cloud host

From the router I cannot ping the cloud host
From the firewall I cannot ping the cloud host

I did disable a "kapersky filter" that was enabled on the Microsoft Bridged host adapter

My real goal is to TFTP /SFTP from the cloud host to the router or firewall.

Packet capture reveals that is sending NetBIOS packets on to the wire

but I cannot ping the host nor get files via TFTP (have solarwinds TFTP server running & its bridged to the host adapter)
I have read alot of info,, but cannot find the right information.

Can anyone send me a link or maybe someone knows what I might be doing wrong ?

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