GNS3 - All the important links at one place
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Author:  bolahsan [ Wed Oct 13, 2010 10:04 am ]
Post subject:  GNS3 - All the important links at one place

For all those who had requested, let me know if you face any problem

How To - Step By Step Installation of JunOS on GNS3 ... on-of.html

How To: Emulate Cisco ASA in GNS3 ... -gns3.html

Pemu – Pix Emulator with GNS3 ... -gns3.html

How To - Run GNS3 on Mac OS X ... -os-x.html

How To - Make a DMG package from GNS3 ... -gns3.html

How To - Connect GNS3 to the internet in MacOSX ... et-in.html

Author:  ScotchBritt [ Mon Nov 15, 2010 2:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: GNS3 - All the important links at one place

Hey, i would had this links to, helped me out alot, that method to install gns3 seems older:
[url]install gns3[/url]
You can find an how to connect to the internet on to, but i prefered this one:
connect gns3 to the internet/network

*****Installing Dynamips*******

I had a couple of problems to making dynamips work, i found several methods,
1- one is how they describe it, by installing dynagen and using its dynamips, run
>"sudo /Application/Dynagen/dynamips -H 7200"
on terminal, to run has root.(after open, if u want to open GNS3 has root, run in terminal
>"sudo open /Application/" )

2-Install macports and after install dynamips-devel and use this has your dynamips(in GNS3 you need to link it has your dynamips path you should find it with >"port contents dynamips-devel"

3- or download dynamips Dynamips 0.2.8-RC2 for Mac OSX copy to /Application/ give it root rights
>"chmod 777 /Application/" and
>"chown root:wheel "/Application/"

i hope this helps, if it is a little messy and someone doesnt understand i will try to explain or help any way i can, ty! :)

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