Network congestion
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Author:  Shoop [ Thu Jun 19, 2014 12:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Network congestion

Hello all!
Ive just installed GNS3 and uplaoded CISCO IOS, for router c3700. Ive been given a task of simulating netowrk congestion on a small scale network, but since i do not have any experience in GNS3 i have no idea how to simulate it. I do know how to configure routers properly so they can control and deal with cognestion and that part is no problem, but how to task GNS to simulate network congestion, or even how to send large amount of data from one router to another.
any info on the subject would be helpfull

tl;dr version:
how to send data between 2 ruters, like extremly large amount of data?
how to limit the connection speed between 2 ruters? For examble, 3 ruters, A,B,C, A-B connection limited to 40kbps, B-C limited to 20 kbps. A sends the data at a rate of 40kbps, B recieves and processes data at rate of 40kbps but C can only take in 20kbps of data

sry for typos if i made any, english isnt my nativ language.
tnx for help!

edit: sry if ive put it in the wrong forums, this one seemd as the best place

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