GNS3, Virtualbox/QEMU, and PRTG
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Author:  DirkGently [ Fri Jul 11, 2014 7:29 pm ]
Post subject:  GNS3, Virtualbox/QEMU, and PRTG

Can GNS3 use a VBox or QEMU client that's running PRTG? I'd like to get some netflow practice in. I'm wanting to create a large, multi-site topology, with multiple servers for client to access, and have no idea if what I want to do is possible.

Author:  DirkGently [ Mon Aug 04, 2014 4:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: GNS3, Virtualbox/QEMU, and PRTG

I've been messing with this off an on. To date I've been able to get the following OSes working in Virtualbox:

Netware 5.1
Windows Server 2008R2 Enterprise (running PRTG)
Haiku (BeOS based. No clue what I'm doing)
Plan 9 from Bell Labs (Minimal and neat, but I also don't know what I'm doing)
NT4 w/SPa running Novell nwClient32, and nwadmin, to administer the NW5 server
Windows98SE (networking refused to work)

They all work fine, so long as I directly connect them, and use UDP Tunneling. Like, say, 127.0.01:11525 src 20905 dst 20906, and the other being src 20906 dst 20905.

I can't get host-only adapter, internal network, or even bridged to work. Which is frustrating, because I want that PRTG server to handle SYSLOG, SNMP, and Netflow, and the clients to generate traffic, so I can test my failover plan.

If anybody could help me, I'd be eternally grateful! I'll update this as I make progress.

I do know that audio doesn't work on any of my guests. I have a Realtek HD chip, so that could be the problem.

Author:  DirkGently [ Fri Aug 08, 2014 4:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: GNS3, Virtualbox/QEMU, and PRTG

Thanks to the kind folks here, I've got PRTG running on 2008R2 (along with wonky radius server, but that's a separate issue), via a plain etherswitch (haven't tried the Swouter yet). It's capturing all syslogs, SNMP traps, and monitors all my devices, even the Virtualbox guests. The only thing I don't know how to get working (and monitored) is the "HOST" that simulated 9 PCs.

Can I connect to an switch 7 times, then use the last connection to trunk it to the other etherswitch? How do I know if they're running? I'm not seeing much traffic coming to or from that switch.

Oh, and for those keeping track, I've gotten Linux Mint 17 (with TFTP server), Haiku, Plan 9, MS-DOS 6.22, NT3 SP6a, Win98SE, and 2008R2 enterprise (with PRTG and radius) running on Vbox guests, and all communicating. If anybody wants me to do a HOWTO, I'll be down for that, as long as I can get and editor/punch up writer.

I *might* throw in the huawei eNSP sim, and Amiga Forever, but by big thing right now is getting my 3745 IPvoice router working, and installed with CME 7, as well as trying to get those "skinny" softphones integrated into the topology. I could use advice on how to get that to work. I'm trying the IPBLUE MultiLab at the moment.

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