BUG ####No communication from VM guest to physical machine##
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Author:  randyrock [ Sun Aug 03, 2014 4:09 pm ]
Post subject:  BUG ####No communication from VM guest to physical machine##

Hello Everyone,

I have firefly un trust adapter ( in virtual machine that configured on GNS3 via cloud and another cloud that connects to host ( address.

Both cloud (firefly and host) connected to GNS3 switch.

No communication from firefly to host and vice versa. It used to be communicated, However, all of a sudden stopped working.

I think this issue specific to windows 8. I remember that it was working good when I was using win 7.

Diagram is attached.

Srx Firefly VM -> Cloud in GNS3 -> Switch <- Cloud in GNS3 <- Physical Machine.

I am not using any loop back adapter as my real adapter is wired. I don't think I need to use loopback adapter to make it work.

I tried loopback adapter and I was able to make it work but loopback adapter is not required in this case.

Identified that mac address is learning from wrong port.

64b3.10c7.d423 learned from port 2
0025.5e7c.8fc0 learned from port 2
0050.56c0.0007 learned from port 2
5404.a62f.6589 learned from port 2
000c.29c9.00b4 learned from port 2

5404.a62f.6589 is host mac address connected to switch port 2.
00:0C:29:C9:00:B4 is connected to switch port 1.

However 00:0C:29:C9:00:B4 is also learning from switch port 2.

GNS3 0.8.6 and win 8.1 Pro.

Thanks for your help!

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