Simulating cloning using clonezilla server in VirtualBox
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Author:  balaji_s [ Thu Sep 27, 2012 10:19 am ]
Post subject:  Simulating cloning using clonezilla server in VirtualBox


I am trying to setup a virtual box environment using gns3 to simulate cloning of a VM to other VMs i.e. a multicast transfer. I've got the Ubuntu 12.04.1 as the machine that will be my clonezilla(DRBL) server. DRBL is yet to be setup. It requires that the client systems support PXE boot and wake-on-lan.

I've got a few questions at this point. Will the multicast env that I want to setup work if connected to a simple ethernet switch provided by gns3? Lets say I have one DRBL-on-Ubuntu server vm , one vm with windows 7(the one to be cloned) and 2 empty vms.

Now to create the switched environment, do I need to connect them by using clouds with their respective host-only adapters to the ethernet switch? Or is it better to add the vbox guests to the switch directly using the vbox node provided in gns3? The latter would use a generic adapter in vbox to connect and hence if I am not wrong Ip addresses would be dynamically assigned. In this case will the multicasting work properly when booting the systems using the WOL signal from the server.

And do I need to put the server vm in a different network (broadcast domain) other than the client machines that are to booted with the cloned image?

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