Issue installing JunOS under FreeBSD in Qemu
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Author:  alsari [ Tue Nov 20, 2012 3:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Issue installing JunOS under FreeBSD in Qemu


I'm trying to install JunOS in my GNS3 ( in Ubuntu12.04) but It doesn't work. I've read a lot of forums with differents way to do it, but, repeat, It doesn't work. My closest approximation is shown in the next screen. Basically, I've done the steps of but I've appreciated some difference which I'll show you.

Install Qemu --> OK
Create Qemu image for FreeBSD and install FreeBSD --> OK

The problme I have is when I install JunOS olive.

qemu -m 512 -hda olive-base.img -boot c -localtime \-net nic,macaddr=00:aa:00:60:01:01,model=e1000 -net user --> OK

dhclient em0 --> OK
netstat -r --> OK
ping --> OK

scp [email protected]:~/Desktop/jinstall-8.5R1.14-domestic-signed.tgz /var/tmp --> OK

cd /var/tmp
mkdir jinst-signed
cd jinst-signed
tar zxvf ../jinstall-8.5R1.14-domestic-signed.tgz
my closest approximation
mkdir jinst
cd jinst
tar zxvf ../jinstall-8.5R1.14-domestic.tgz

mkdir pkgtools
cd pkgtools
tar zxvf ../pkgtools.tgz
cd bin
cp /usr/bin/true ./checkpic
cd ..

tar zcvf ../pkgtools.tgz *
cd ..
rm -rf pkgtools


md5 -q jinstall-8.5R1.14-domestic-signed.tgz > jinstall-8.5R1.14-domestic-signed.tgz.md5

when I write this command I'm in /var/tmp/jinst-signed/jinst, folder the command can't be executed for that reason I must go to /var/tmp/ where the command can be executed, also "openssl sha1 jinstall-8.5R1.14-domestic-signed.tgz > jinstall-8.5R1.14-domestic-signed.tgz.sha1" creating jinstall-8.5R1.14-domestic-signed.tgz.md5 and jinstall-8.5R1.14-domestic-signed.tgz.sha1.

Another difference is that in the first link ( the command used is openssh but in my FreeBSD that is an unknown command for that reason I used openssl to create sha1 file.

I read in ... er_Routers , after create the new md5 and sha1 files "just edit *.sha1 file and remove file name and leaving only checksum inside. " ┬┐is it right?

Then, being in /var/tmp/
tar zcfv /var/tmp/jinstall-8.5R1.14-domestic-olive.tgz * --> OK


pkg_add -f /var/tmp/jinstall-8.5R1.14-domestic-olive.tgz --> appears this message with this error:


Because of the erros says "+CONTENTS not found", I've seen that in jinst-signed there is a "+CONTENTS" file for that reason I've made this process of packing in "/var/tmp/jinst-signed" and not in "/var/tmp" like the last case.
I did the next steps:

In /var/tmp/jinst-signed
md5 -q jinstall-8.5R1.14-domestic.tgz > jinstall-8.5R1.14-domestic.tgz.md5
openssl sha1 jinstall-8.5R1.14-domestic.tgz > jinstall-8.5R1.14-domestic.tgz.sha1

tar zcfv /var/tmp/jinst-signed/jinstall-8.5R1.14-domestic-olive.tgz * --> OK



pkg_add -f /var/tmp/jinst-signed/jinstall-8.5R1.14-domestic-olive.tgz --> I think this result is my closest approximation to obtain install JunOS. The next screen appears:


I want to install JunOS to prepare my Juniper Certification. Can someone help me?



Author:  Jason [ Fri Dec 28, 2012 1:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Issue installing JunOS under FreeBSD in Qemu

Try this. It will walk you through the install process. The procedure can be performed on almost any system with qemu installed and functioning (Linux, Windows, OSX etc.). It will also assist you with acquiring JunOS olive version 10.x which is the version you need to know for your certification.


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