Ethernet Bridging performance issue
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Author:  theevilsharpie [ Fri Jul 13, 2012 10:16 am ]
Post subject:  Ethernet Bridging performance issue

I'm attempting to create a very simple topology, where a VirtualBox VM (running Windows 7) is connected to an Ethernet Switch, which is subsequently connected to a cloud that is bridged to my real network.

A picture of my topology:

From the VM, I am able to ping hosts on the Internet without any issues. However, when I attempt to access the web, performance is very low. Even simple web sites like Google's home page can take minutes to load. I attempted to run a speed test, and the only one I could actually get to run was DSLReport's simple mobile speed test (, which reported about 1500kbit/sec for a 1MB file. 1500kbit/sec, while low for my connection, should at least be adequate for basic web browsing, but other sites are slow to the point of complete unusability.

My GNS3 platform is itself a virtual machine (Lubuntu 12.04 running within VMware Workstation), so I thought that perhaps my nesting VMs was responsible for the poor performance. However, when I ran the Virtualbox VM outside of GNS3 with the VM's NIC bridged to eth0, the performance was fine.

Any ideas? Other threads indicate that GNS3 does have a performance limit, but that was always with respect to the performance of emulated IOS. That isn't the case here unless I'm misunderstanding how GNS3 works.

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