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 Post subject: GNS3 0.8.2 connect to VDE switch port -- Advanced help
PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2012 6:18 pm 

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I have a VDE switch that is up and working with vlans (10,20,30,40) and a trunk port (port 24) just fine outside of GNS3. I would like to connect my ASA that is in GNS3 to this VDE switch that also has virtualbox pc's connected to it. Let me state this upfront, I can get it to work see my work around at the end of my post . But I can not get it to work when I specify which port on the VDE I want the GNS3 cloud to connect to.

In my example I have this:

ASA -----.> Ether switch ---->Cloud ------->VDE on my linux box (I want it to connect to port 24 of this switch)

The ether switch is configured as: port 1 access port VLAN 40, port 9 dot1q

The cloud is configured using the NIO VDE tab. I have set the control file to the following: /tmp/my_vde_switch/ctl
I have set the Local File to : /tmp/my_vde_switch/24
I run everything as root / sudo to avoid permission issues.

On my VDE switch I have port 24 setup as a trunked port. (ie it is tagging two vlans allowing them to travel across it). I have also configured port 9 on the ether switch in GNS3 as dot1q. Here is where the issue comes in. As soon as I connect the cloud NIO VDE connection to port 9 of the ether switch it DOES NOT connect to port 24 of my VDE Switch! I noticed it automatically connects to the next numerical port not in use. In my case that is port 8.I have no clue why it seems like GNS3 is ignoring my Local File configuration parameter of port 24?

Can someone verify my syntax is correct the NIO VDE "Local file" field? If I could just get the Cloud to connect to port 24 as I have set in the Local File field, this tool would be perfect

An Ugly Workaround to this issue is:
On the flip side I have found a work around by seeing what port GNS3 picks automatically and configuring VDE to trunk/tag it. Once I do this, I can then ping from one of my virtualbox PC's connected to the VDE switch to the outside interface of my ASA that is connected to the ether switch in GNS3 (both in vlan 40). However this is serious pain in the butt to have to lookup each time I start the lab and figure out which port GNS3 picked to connect my cloud to.

Any help would be much appreciated!

In case you need it here is what I VDE switch is using(at startup before I have to tag the port GNS3 is auto picking):
port/create 1
port/create 2
port/create 3
port/create 4
port/create 5
port/create 6
port/create 7
port/create 24
vlan/create 10
vlan/create 20
vlan/create 30
vlan/create 40
port/setvlan 1 10
port/setvlan 2 20
port/setvlan 3 30
port/setvlan 4 40
port/setvlan 5 40
port/setvlan 6 30
port/setvlan 7 40
vlan/addport 10 24
vlan/addport 20 24
vlan/addport 40 24

Here is what my .NET file says:
autostart = False
version = 0.8.2
workingdir = /tmp
udp = 20000
ram = 1024
netcard = e1000
options = -vnc none -vga none -m 1024 -icount auto -hdachs 980,16,32
initrd = /opt/GNS3/IOS/asa842-initrd.gz
kernel = /opt/GNS3/IOS/asa842-vmlinuz
kernel_cmdline = -append ide_generic.probe_mask=0x01 ide_core.chs=0.0:980,16,32 auto nousb console=ttyS0,9600 bigphysarea=65536
[[ASA ASA1]]
e0 = SW1 1
x = -151.0
y = -35.0
z = 1.0
workingdir = /opt/GNS3/tmp
udp = 10000
1 = access 40 ASA1 e0
9 = dot1q 1 nio_vde:/tmp/my_uber_vswitch/ctl:/tmp/my_uber_vswitch/24
x = 17.5
y = 73.0
z = 1.0
configs = configs
[[Cloud C1]]
x = -206.5
y = 167.0
z = 1.0
connections = SW1:9:nio_vde:/tmp/my_uber_vswitch/ctl:/tmp/my_uber_vswitch/24

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