Using Cisco Network Assistant with emulated Cisco switches
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Author:  ohault [ Wed Sep 12, 2012 3:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Using Cisco Network Assistant with emulated Cisco switches


/// *** here I'm talking about emulating Cisco switches and not about virtualisation of Cisco switches *** \\\

Cisco Network Assistant already supports a large range of Cisco Switches.
I often have the need to explore different configuration possibilities with Network Assistant to figure out what are the real good ones for a given scenario.
It's also a kind of self learning / exploration technique.
Unfortunately, Cisco Network Assistant software does not provide a way to add into a community emulated Cisco switches, you need to have a real hardware device (that's not good for our planet - CO2 impact).

We already know that we can connect Network Assistant to virtualized instance of Cisco routers, great!
The goal would be to create or interface an "emulated version" of Cisco Switch (a kind of CLI bot) with GNS3.
I can see two type of supports
A) be able to connect from Cisco Network Assistant. This will be a really minimal emulation as Cisco Network Assistant has already many information about the feature set of each models. With this type of support, we cannot modify , but already explore the different configuration screens (dependant of the selected switch model)
B) full emulation support when you will be able to create a full config, that could be upload to a real device.

Would you interested in such functionally ?


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