GNS3 + Windows 7 + 8 NICs
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Author:  almond_thief [ Sat Oct 19, 2013 2:02 am ]
Post subject:  GNS3 + Windows 7 + 8 NICs

Hello, trying to setup GNS3 + 3 x 3550s and then several NICs to connect each GNS3 router physically to the switches.

hardware in use: macbook pro with i7, SSD, 8 gb ram
AX88772b - usb to ethernet adapters
OS: Mac OS and running GNS3 within VMWare Fusion 6

I set static IPs on 3 adapters to correspond to their connection to each switch, and then renamed each adapter to correspond to its physical switch: SW1, SW2, SW3

thing is, when i unplug the USB adapters and then replug them into the same port, the settings get scrambled up, and the adapter that is physically connected to SW1, suddenly is reported by Windows as SW3... Now i wouldnt care if Windows screwed up the naming of each adapter, not my concern.
but what ends up happening, all these adapters are configured in GNS3 through the "cloud" to connect to their corresponding cloud inside GNS3.... this doesnt happen.

I have disabled the firewalls, windows defender, UAC. Winpcap detects all of the adapters just fine.

so i started digging in the registry for answers, first by searching "SW1", i would find its long serial number, identifier, whatever.
then take that long ID and search for it, found multiple entries that correspond to it being labeled as SW1 and having the correct information of static IP and mask.

Is this a Windows fault? It appears that the adapters get all scrambled up, i REALLY dont want to replug every cable each time i want to unplug my laptop from all these adapters.
If i had simply just 3 usb to ethernet adapters, fine, ill replug the cables each time, but I am also adding 5 adapters for 5 GNS3 routers...

I tried GNS3 in Mac and wasnt the biggest fan of it, I am open to the idea of running GNS3 within Linux.... but rather stick with Windows :P

Author:  rednectar [ Sun Oct 20, 2013 5:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: GNS3 + Windows 7 + 8 NICs

USB adapters are always fickle on Windows - probably OS X too, but I've never used an Ethernet NIC on OS X.

But my question is, why do you want 3xUSB adapters? I guess your MBP is one of the newer ones that don't have an ethernet adapter, so I'm guessing that you need to at least use one, or use the Thunderbolt one.

MY suggestion would be to try and stick with one adapter, connect it to a trunk port on the switch, then create multiple VLAN interfaces - your one adapter can then connect to as many GNS3 "clouds" as you like by linking each cloud with a different VLAN interface on the MBP. I have to admit, I've only done this on an older MBP with a real Gigabit interface, but it might help you think of another way to solve your problem.

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