Problem with GNS3 IOU VM
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Author:  vthanhnet [ Mon Jul 14, 2014 11:58 am ]
Post subject:  Problem with GNS3 IOU VM


When I create a project and add IOU device in my project, then I see GNS3 will create a directory in path:


But if I open my project with new install GNS3 IOU VM. I get error:

Server error [-3200] : Working directory /home/gns3/GNS3/projects/LAB-NAME/iou/device-1 doesn't exist

I think GNS3 only create directory device-1, device-2 ... in GNS3 IOU VM when I add IOU device in GNS3. When I open my project GNS3 only check directory (not create). If not found, will get error.

I think when open project if directory not exit, GNS3 need to create directory for free error.


When I install new GNS3 IOU VM with new ip address and add new ip into remote server option and remove old ip address.
Then I open old project with old ip remote server in file ".gns3". GNS3 will add old ip remote server into GNS3 and I get error:

Errors detected while importing the topology

Could not connect to server timed out

I think when get time out error. GNS3 need connect to other remote server for free error.

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