Enhancement requests for GNS 1.0
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Author:  MightySlaytanic [ Wed Aug 06, 2014 9:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Enhancement requests for GNS 1.0

I have two enhancement requests for the future releases of GNS3 1.0 (I've just installed the beta) related to IOU.. if this is not the right place, please link me the correct place to ask for enhancements:

1) Since there are two kind of IOU images, routers and Layer-3 switches (L2IOU), is it possible to have two different kind of IOU devices in the routers' list? Just to avoid manually changing the graphic symbol for the routers to differentiate them from the switches and to allow a quicker deployment on the topology map without the need to select from the drop down list.

2) This is more technical.... I've browsed through the files in /home/gns3/GNS3 in the GNS3 IOU VM and I've seen that all the ethernet and serial interfaces of each IOU device are connected to the process virtual interfaces that manage the same device. This (I think) is the "problem" that causes the link/protocol status of the interfaces to be always UP/UP even if there are no connections on the topology map (as soon as you execute "no shutdown"). Is it possible to have the IOU wrapper processes to reflect the "real" status of the port to the IOU router? I understand the need to connect all the interfaces to the wrapper before starting the IOU router since the NETMAP file can not be changed during runtime but maybe there is a way to use ethernet keepalives to understand if the ethernet protocol at least is really up or not.. for example, I have wrapper 513 with IOU1 and wrapper 514 with IOU2: at the beginning, without links, keepalives flow only from IOU1 to 513 but not vice versa, and the same for IOU2. Then, when I connect IOU1 e0/0 to IOU2 e0/0 there is a virtual connection IOU1 1:0/0 <-> wrapper 513:0/0 <-> wrapper 514:0/0 <-> IOU2:0/0 and as soon as the two eth 0/0 interfaces on both IOU1 and IOU2 are put in the "no shutdown" mode, 513 and 514 wrappers let them flow in both directions and the protocol can go in the UP status... I hope I've been quite clear, since is far too late in the night for me today :)

Finally a little OT question... are Wireshark captures supposed to work on IOU-to-IOU links? I'm not able to make them work, I can say start the capture but then when I ask to start wireshark it says that it can find /home/gns3/GNS3/xxxxxxxxx, which is the path on the GNS3-IOU-VM where IOU files are stored and it's obviously not reachable from the OSX host on which the main GNS3 application is running.

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