BUG OSX Beta1 - mavericks
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Author:  Jason [ Sun Aug 10, 2014 6:08 pm ]
Post subject:  BUG OSX Beta1 - mavericks

I think this may be a Mavericks issue because this technique appears to work fine in Linux (I'll double check). If I set the root executable permission on dynamips so that I can access a tap0 interface using a Cloud node, GNS3 refused to add a router to the Workspace. The net affect is that GNS3-1.0-beta1 CAN NOT use a TAP interface. Yikes!

I'm using the trusty old commands:

sudo chown root dynamips
sudo chmod 4755 dynamips

Pertinent log information:

$cat GNS3_client.log
[I 140810 10:54:34 __init__:351] creating node <class 'gns3.modules.dynamips.nodes.c3725.C3725'>
[I 140810 10:54:34 router:49] router c3725 is being created
[I 140810 10:54:34 __init__:404] configuring node Router c3725
[E 140810 10:54:44 router:281] error while setting up : Could not connect to server: [Errno 61] Connection refused

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