[Bug] Unable to remove Qemu settings from within a topology
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Author:  boen_robot [ Sun Sep 28, 2014 3:40 pm ]
Post subject:  [Bug] Unable to remove Qemu settings from within a topology

An error pops up when a setting (say, Kernel image, though others seem to have the same effect too) is removed from an existing Qemu VMs configuration. The error is "correct" in that an empty string shouldn't indeed be allowed as value for said settings, but upon modification, GNS3 should treat that as the removal of the setting itself, and thus output a valid JSON.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a Qemu VM in "General > Preferences > Qemu VMs". Make sure it uses the Kernel image setting (even if it's an invalid value... just don't leave it empty).
2. Drag that VM into the topology.
3. Right click on the VM that's in the topology, and select "Configure".
4. Remove the Kernel image setting.
5. Try to Apply the setting, and observe the error in the console:
request validation error: '' is too short

Failed validating 'minLength' in schema['properties']['kernel_image']:
    {'description': 'QEMU kernel image path',
     'minLength': 1,
     'type': 'string'}

On instance['kernel_image']:

The same things, if done in the preferences window work correctly. It's just the VMs in the topology that have this problem.

Author:  grossmj [ Mon Sep 29, 2014 8:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Bug] Unable to remove Qemu settings from within a topol

I am going to fix this.

Thanks for reporting :)

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