GNS3 beta3 and vboxweb-service
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Author:  millerjr [ Sun Oct 12, 2014 7:32 pm ]
Post subject:  GNS3 beta3 and vboxweb-service


I am running gns3 on a remote server with a headless virtualbox install using phpvirtualbox to mange the VM's.

I have configured the vboxwrapper and I am able to get the List of VM's from the remote server and add them to the list of VM's (please see attachement), however they are not available to drag into the work space and when i do drag the default virtualbox VM into the work space there is a pop up message saying there are no VM's on the remote server. I am not seeing anything in the logs that could be causing the problem and it appears that the vboxwrapper is functioning correctly (i get this when i refresh the vm list):

[I 141012 20:02:18 jsonrpc_websocket:121] Websocket client ca74548a-033a-4a93-b010-6a52e6e5e801 connected
[I 141012 20:02:18 web:1811] 200 GET /version ( 1.04ms
[I 141012 20:02:18 vboxwrapper_client:141] starting VirtualBox wrapper: ['/usr/local/bin/vboxwrapper', '-l', '', '-p', '11525']
[I 141012 20:02:18 vboxwrapper_client:145] VirtualBox wrapper process logging to /tmp/tmpssb43nsc
[I 141012 20:02:18 vboxwrapper_client:150] VirtualBox wrapper started PID=23574
[I 141012 20:02:18 vboxwrapper_client:185] vboxwrapper server ready after 0.0315 seconds
[I 141012 20:02:47 __init__:236] this server is remote with working directory path to /home/jonathanm/GNS3/projects/gns3-jhq2owqu

Anyone have any ideas?



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