INT2NETIO under GNS3 ?
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Author:  wtowbin [ Thu Oct 16, 2014 12:57 am ]
Post subject:  INT2NETIO under GNS3 ?

Apologies if this was discussed before ...

IOL provides an ability to connect/bridge the running topology to the "base" UNIX (the one that runs IOL) via pseudo LAN interface. It is quite useful if one uses TACACS/SYSLOG/SNMP/MRTG and whatever else installed on his/her own machine to control and manage IOL typologies/tests.

Is similar feature available under GNS3 ? If not, would it be worth developing it ?

I understand that more or less similar effect can be accomplished by running unix c/w required servers installed in the VirtualBox and making it part of GNS topology.

Still .. INT2NETIO-like solution looks more "natural" to me ..


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